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Aimetis SYM-SV-SL-S Standard Edition VMS Licence
  • Future-Proof Surveillance - With three software license versions to choose from, Aimetis Symphony™ has a solution for every stage on the migration path from analog CCTV to intelligent IP video. And, with the industry's simplest licensing model, transitioning is easier than ever. Learn more
  • Open IP Video Management - Aimetis Symphony™ installs on standard IT hardware, supports hundreds of camera models, provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface, and has a full Application Programming Interface (API) that makes integration with third-party systems, such as access control, easy. Learn more
  • Security & Beyond - With advanced video search tools, and a comprehensive selection of on-demand reports, organizations use Aimetis Symphony™ for business intelligence in addition to security surveillance, helping them to better plan business requirements, improve operations and increase ROI

•Open Platform ◦Install on standard IT hardware ◦Supports hundreds of cameras and encoder manufacturer models ◦Supports MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264 ◦Rich API for third-party system integration ◦OPC Interface •Unhindered Scalability ◦High camera density per server ◦Automatic Software Updates •Intelligent, User-Friendly Interface ◦Dynamic deep linked site map ◦Alarm notification and response log ◦Event driven timeline ◦Customizable display ◦Multiple PTZ control options ◦Multi-language support ◦PC Client, PDA Client, Web Client •Smart Search ◦Eliminate the need to review hours of recorded video ◦Pinpoint specific events in seconds by setting search parameters such as: ■Search by time, location, activity ◦Review and export qualifying snippets of video in seconds

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