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BOSCH LTC 9348/00 Series Indoor Dome

The Bosch LTC934800 dome housing accommodates fixed cameras and can be installed in both sheet-rock and standard drop ceilings. Included with the housing is a swivel head mount for 360° camera positioning inside the dome. The housing is composed of a heavy steel upper portion and a cast acrylic lower dome which is tinted to hide the camera's pointing direction. In combination, these provide effective tamper-resistant and dust-free camera protection.

Heavy-duty steel upper casing ideal for plenum ceiling applications
Swivel mounting bracket for 360° camera positioning
Tamper resistant and dust-proof
Tinted lower dome with minimal light reduction
Attractive design
Installs easily using the supplied mounting hardware for cameras/lens to 216 mm (8.5 in), ceiling
mount, tinted, metal backbox

LTC 9348/00


Part Number:  LTC 9348/00

Price: $ 159.00

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