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Mobotix MX-OPT-WHMH-Set Wall And Pole Mount set for Q22/Q24

Set consisting of pole mount (MX-OPT-MH) and wall mount (MX-OPT-WH)

  • Pole Mount for fastening of Dome wall mount
  • 3 mm stainless steel, white
  • Delivery with 2 stainless steel straps for pole diameters of 60 - 180 mm as well as mounting parts
  • Wall mount is weather-proof (IP65) for protection of D22/D24 MonoDome
  • Covers RJ45 wall outlets
  • Space for expansion modules (battery, UMTS, WLAN, etc.)


Part Number:  MX-OPT-WHMH-Set

Price: $ 201.00

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