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Mobotix MX-WH-Dome Wall Mount
  • Shock-resistant fiberglass-reinforced plastic (PBT), white
  • Covers RJ45 outlet
  • Ample room inside for extras (WLAN, relay, etc.)
  • Polyurethane sealing for mounting to wall
  • Includes stainless steel mounting supply, covers and dowels
  • D12 DualDome with outdoor wall mount attains protection class IP 65 instead of IP 54

Mounting the camera to a wall allows covering RJ45 wall outlets (without frame) and also allows using a defined network end point. Ideally, the Outdoor Wall Mount is mounted over the tested wall outlet, which provides the connections (network, ISDN, Power over Ethernet) to the camera.



Part Number:  MX-WH-Dome

Price: $ 120.00

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