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NUUO SCB-7016 Hardware H.264 Capture card 16ports


  • Support Analog and IP cameras
  • Support Megapixel cameras (requires IP+ license)
  • Triple monitor display
  • Support Joystick
  • E-map
  • Instant Playback
  • Unique GUI recording schedule
  • Digital PTZ and multi-view
  • User-Define presets for analog speed dome
  • Smart detection of 6 events with 10 instant responses
  • Counting application
  • Intelligent playback system with 5 video analytics searches
  • POS and I/O device integration
  • Up to 128CH remote live view
  • Support transcode and multiple stream profile
  • Remote playback, remote backup, remote I/O control and remote desktop configuration
  • Supported by NUUO Central Management System
  • Supports 37 brands of IP cameras and more than 700 models(requires IP+ license)
  • Supports 30 languages
  • Supports mobile client and I-phone browser


Part Number:  SCB-7016

Price: $ 1,125.00

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