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Toshiba IK-WB16A-W 2 Mega Pixel Network Camera

REC-WB16A-1 is the new generation recording software, featuring reliable recording and easy system management for diverse IP surveillance applications. REC-WB16A-1 has three major components including: REC-WB16A-1 Server for recording, REC-WB16A-1 LiveClient for viewing live media data and system management, and REC-WB16A-1 Playback for browsing the database and retrieving the recorded media data.

REC-WB16A-1 Server is able to record network video streams up to 16 channels; while RECWB16A-1 LiveClient allows for real-time remote monitoring. For video playback, you can use REC-WB16A-1 Playback to retrieve the database with multiple advanced functions such as searching, browsing, and exporting. REC-WB16A-1 recording software provides you with a reliable and seamless video surveillance system



Part Number:  IK-WB16A-W

Price: $ 418.00

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